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Rank Betting Sites Bonus ESports Games Bet
£30 Welcome Free Bet
Review Betway
£30 Welcome Free Bet
30% Cashback
Review 1xBet
30% Cashback
BONUS Up to £20
Review Redbet
BONUS Up to £20
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The international - Dota2-stockholm-sweden
The International 2020

The tournament will run from August 18 to 23, 2020 in Ericsson Globe, Stockholm, Sweden.
This year, the prize pool ended up with a total of USD $34 million raised that is considered the largest esports prize pool in history.

ESL Birmingham
ESL One Birmingham 2020

One of the most beloved and impressive tournaments of this year is coming in May! Watch, bet and have fun!

ICE Challenge 2020
ICE Challenge 2020, London

This year follow the eight teams compete for the total prize pool – $250,000!

LOL world championship 2020
LOL world championship 2020

The most expected cybersport event ever begins on January 13th. Start following your favorite esport game from the largest championship!

eSports Betting in UK: Best Sites 2019

The UK has been one of the leading regions contributing to esports rapid growth in popularity and valuation in recent years. Guaranteed Crowds gather to watch the best competitions within esport on regular bases. Events held within the Electronic Sports League UK on fan-favorite games such as CS: GO, Hearthstone and Overwatch are regularly watched by millions of viewers from all around the world.

The growing popularity of esports has attracted the biggest betting sites to take advantage of the fanbase to offer bet markets on the biggest events. As with any sporting events where there is competition, there is the opportunity for betting and esports in recent times is no different. The biggest gaming events and the most popular games are now covered by many different betting sites as they offer new markets for punters to bet on every single week.

If you are looking for tips on the best sites to bet on esports events and games then you are in the right place. Our in-depth guides will help all of you UK residence punters looking to for the opportunity to win money on your favorite esports competitions. There is no better time to get involved in esports betting in the UK and we will help you every step of the way to make your experience as good as possible.

Best eSports Betting Sites Available in the UK

The UK is one of the best countries in the world to gamble on esports as the list of esports betting sites is extensive. Due to the governments backing of the UKGC – United Kingdom Gambling Commission which licence and regulate all online bookmakers and casinos within the country, this has allowed many betting sites to operate freely within the country.

This also ensures fair and safe online gambling procedures and practices as the body regulates all of the sites operating within the country regularly. The body has also announced in recent times that will regulate and allow complete betting services on esports markets meaning more opportunities for punters.

If you are looking for esports betsbet on esports then the following list contains some of the largest bookmakers in the UK currently offering markets on esports games and events:

  • Betsson
  • William Hill
  • Bet365
  • Nitrogen
  • Betway

Rules and Regulations on eSports Betting

Esports betting sites are completely legal to use within the UK as long as you are over 18 years of age. The UK is arguably one of the safest countries in the world to gamble in and this is due to the hard work of the UKGC as mentioned earlier. The country has been a leading example of how to regulate the field efficiently whilst making sure that the customers are operating in a safe environment. They were heavily involved in the creation of the gambling act introduced to the country in 2005 and has been the leading regulation body ever since.

The UK also offers a very impressive addiction service for those people suffering from gambling addiction and gambling site throughout the UK advertising the slogan ‘If the fun stops, stop’. This is refreshing that the companies are concerned about their customers well being not just their business,

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods on UK eSports Sites

UK esports betting sites allow their customers to deposit and withdraw funds for their wager accounts safely and securely thanks to the wide range of authorized payment methods available. Almost all credit, debit and pre-paid cards are widely accepted and usually considered the best option for gamblers to use during betting on esports events. Direct bank transfers can be used and are just as secure but some operators may include service charges for using the service.

Here are many alternative options to use also including popular virtual web wallet services such as Neteller and skrill which support cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. As cryptocurrencies become more popular betting sites will soon follow the likes of the USA and start to allow direct transfer of bitcoin through their site however this method is not too common within the UK as of yet.

How Popular is Gambling Within the UK?

The gambling industry within the UK is extremely large with hundreds of betting operators and thousands of betting shops spread around the UK. There are approximately 110,000 people employed in the gambling industry in the UK plus many more working overseas for online betting services. At the moment the most popular form of gambling is sports betting on events such as horse racing and soccer. This, however, is expected to match with esports within the next 5 years.

The shift to online betting services has become very apparent in recent years as the decline of users physically going to a betting shop has decreased rapidly. This is beneficial for the operators also as they can rid the expense of things like rent and operation costs to keep a betting shop open. This will be a good thing for punters too as more investment into betting sites and apps have been introduced providing a better gambling experience.

This shift coincides with the generational shift towards esports and virtual gaming events that is taking the western world by storm. The video game industry is huge and with the introduction of online gaming, this has left an opportunity for fans to stream the biggest events online live. With any live competition, there is the opportunity to gamble hence the introduction of esports betting markets.

How Popular is eSports Betting Within the UK

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission released a paper named ‘Virtual currencies: esports and social casino gambling’, the paper states that 8.5% of adults over the age of 18 have placed a bet on an esports event. This has drastically increased from the 3% figured measured in 2016. This growth is extraordinary and is only predicted to grow year by year.

With this increase in demand more of the typical sports betting sites have started to offer markets on esports events as the generational shift from the traditional sports like horse racing and football move towards video game events. As the opportunity to bet esports increases so will many of the websites offering esports betting tips as punters look for the best opportunities to win money whilst watching their favorite gamers battle it out on stream. The most popular places to do this are on sites called Twitch and youtube, these allow live viewing at events all around the world not only in the UK. Twitch is a game dedicated streaming service that allows you to watch events or watch previous content by professional games. Hardcore punters will research gamers by watching their previous games online to have a better knowledge base prior to placing bets to ensure that they have the least amount of risk when risking their hard earned money.

How Popular is eSports Within the UK?

In recent surveys, there are over 3.3 million esports fans recorded living in the United Kingdom as of 2017. This is a growing figure that can be expected to increase drastically year by year. The majority of esports fans within the UK are aged between 21 – 35 with 69% of them being male. In terms of the total $32 million In revenue earned from major esports events held in 2016, the UK was responsible for 29% in contribution. This is a massive figure considering the population difference between the UK and the rest of the western world.

The most popular game franchise within the UK is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is the most watched esport in the United Kingdom with 505 of its viewers being over the age of 30. The next biggest game franchise after CS: GO is League of Legends.

If you are a hardcore esports fan and gambler or simply new to the sport and want to increase your fun by placing a bet on your favorite events there will be something on this site for you to learn. The best betting sites and reviews of new sites introduced to the market can be found so you know the best places to go before even typing in a website address.