The Best Esports Banking Payment Methods

Esports have evolved to that point you can find a special online banking payment methods that are perfectly suited for your betting needs. Of course, it is not the same when you hand out your cash “someone” online the Internet; you care about your money, and you want it in safe hands. Online esports payment became very popular in the last few years, and as someone who has a lot of experience with online transactions and betting, we decided to explain basic procedures about the esports banking and show you the safest payment options while you are betting online. Keep reading to find out more on these esports payment methods.

How To Deposit Money For Esports Betting?

Depositing your money online for betting purposes is a very easy process that will not take a lot of your time. The first thing you need to do is to find the appropriate online sportsbook where you want to place your bets. Almost every site will serve you, regardless to your geolocation, however; we suggest you run a quick check of your local gambling laws to avoid any possible problems regarding the bettings. Also, make sure you use an available payment method.

As soon as you choose your website, you need to sign up for the betting account. By providing your full name, email, date of birth and other personal information, you will ensure yourself online access to the website and the strong privacy of your personal records. Log in to your account, go to the cashier’s section and choose the available payment method that is the right for your betting needs. Fill in the required information and finish your transaction. The funds will be transferred to your online betting account, and you can start with betting and placing bets on your favorite esports team.

What Deposit Options Can You Choose For Esports Payments?

Everything depends on the website where you plan to bet, firstly. Then, it depends on your location and your local online gambling law. In spite of that, we have prepared a short list of the most popular payment options, which are safe and legit to use. Note that some payment methods are specific to the certain geolocations.

Debit And Credit Cards

While the new banking methods are emerging, the old way of making online payments through credit and debit cards are still very popular. The majority of online e sportsbooks accept Visa and Master Card payments. Some of them accept Entropay, which represents the upgrades version of Visa card that has additional security protocols and layers. Here is the reason why banking cards are among the most popular ways of online payments; just enter your credit/debit card information (your name, cc number, expiry date, and three-digit security code), enter the amount of money you wish to deposit and you are done. Very convenient for esports betting.

Web Wallets

E-wallets are extremely popular as they have a high level of anonymity and security, can be accessed from anywhere where you have the Internet and are accepted anywhere. It is an online service for payments that enables you to transfer your money without the need to reveal your personal information. You simply deposit your money in the web wallet and using your wallet Id and password to the betting account. This is maybe the best esports payment option as it is ultra fast, safe, 100% private and enables you to make quick payments on different websites without any need for waiting.

Pre-Paid Cards

The famous e-vouchers showed great efficiency for players who search for special online security that encompasses anonymity upon placing bets. Also, players who do not have access to their bank account will love to use pre-paid cards for esports payment methods. The majority of these cards can be bought in outlets without revealing any identity; you pay with cash, and you get a card, which has a unique PIN code that enables you to transfer your money to esports betting shops. Have in mind that these cards cannot be used for money withdrawal.


One of the most favorite online esports payment method is, of course, PayPal; the first and most respected online payment service that is available in 99% of the world. It gives players secure online payments, with super protected layers that perform all transactions smoothly, without mentioning your name anywhere online. Some players prefer this service for item/skin betting and trading as PayPal has an escrow-like system that protects its customers in both ways.

Other Less Popular ESports Banking Payments

All the esports payment options we mentioned above are popular and the most used. Still, there are a few other online payment methods that are less known. These are usually used in countries where online betting is still in the TBA stage, and banks do not allow any bet/gambling-related transactions. We do not encourage anyone to use these methods for any online purpose; we just want to share our experience and knowledge.

Bitcoin – it is a decentralized cryptocurrency, which works great for online depositing and withdrawing money for players from the USA and Brazil;

M-Pesa – Service that is specialized for mobile online betting for players from India and Kenya

AstroPay – a simple prepaid card, made for Brazilian and US players who are betting and don’t have a lot of choice for payment.