Best Cybersports Bloggers In England

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Who are the most influential contributors to English cybersport blogging

It might have been a hurdle accessing cybersport information in the past. With the rise of gaming writers, the sports industry continues to experience great strides in development. In the UK, you can get information from reputable media houses or personal sites.

There are professional writers, whose focus is on delivering current news on cybersports leagues, events, and world championships. You can get updated news on games and ranking on cs go betting.

One of the notable problems with personal content is the credibility of the information. Most writers use anonymous contributors making it hard to validate its authenticity. Company blogs tend to have updated information with credible sources.

An important factor to consider is that professional sites have the power to source for unique content. The Cybersport industry in England is less explosive compared to the U.S. This explains why most influential contributors in Esports do not have their offices in England.

However, some notable individuals continue to make great efforts in the spread of Esports news in England. Let us now put our focus on the incredible cybersports bloggers making a shift in coverage and exposure of eSports in the region.

Dominic Sacco

To start us off, we have Dominic Sacco. He is the founder of the reputable Esports News UK blog started in 2015. Dominic is an award-winning writer having attended Bournemouth University and graduated with a Multimedia Journalism degree.

Currently, he works as a content director for the British Esports Association while still managing his blog. The workload and responsibilities can be challenging for some people, but not for Dominic Sacco.

Against all the odds, he has managed to make his website a key factor in the games industry publication. His passion and will power are a great part of his impressive achievements. The UK Esports Awards is a result of the partnership between Dominic and UKCSGO.

Esports News UK blog was shortlisted as one of the finalists for the 2018 UK Blog Awards. The main aim of the site is to provide information about competitive gaming. It provides information on players, events and the eSports scene.

A huge part of their content in the past was primarily on information about League of Legends. The company has grown over the years, and now includes more content producers for specific cybersport games. Currently, they produce material for FIFA, Call of Duty, Halo, and Overwatch.

Sam Cooke

Esports Insider is an England blog that started in 2016. It focuses on the cybersport industry, with highlights on current events and eSports business news. Sam Cooke is the co-founder of Esports Insider.

The website has gone through major advancements that have made it one of the top cybersport contributors in England. Currently, Esports Insider has a team of professional staff members. From content managers to journalists.

You can access information on events and news about the Industry, especially in England and other regions. Under the leadership of Sam Cooke, the company produces a biweekly newsletter called ESI dispatch. From their website, you can get video and interviews with the major players in the industry.

From their site, you can retrieve content on the popular games like Dota2, Overwatch, League of Legends, CS: GO and FIFA.