Make The Best Use Of eSports Betting Bonus

eSports is nothing but electronic sports. It is a video game that is played by an individual or a team of individuals against other players or teams through the internet. There is a wide range of video games that fall in the eSport games category. The major difference between the normal video games and the eSports is that these games did major sponsorship from companies and also are played through a tournament structure.

As the eSports have gained huge popularity, the online bookmakers involved in sports gambling sites have added the eSports gambling as one option. Now, you will find a lot of betting enthusiasts look to place bets during some of the important eSports tournaments held all across the world. In fact, there is a huge rise in the number of online eSports gambling sites, that many have started to give a betting bonus to increase the number of members.

List of Sportsbook offering eSport betting bonus

There are a lot of popular online Sportsbooks that offer eSports betting as an option along with the traditional sports gambling. They not only have included the eSports betting, but have also gone an extra mile to offer bonus betting options to help members earn more money. Some of the popular online gambling sites that have eSports betting options are:

  • Ladbrokes
  • 888 Sport
  • Pinnacle Sport
  • William Hill
  • Betway
  • Bet365
  • Betfair
  • Paddy Power
  • 10Bet
  • Unibet

Deposit eSports betting options

One of the most common types of online bonuses that are offered by the eSports gambling sites is the welcome bonus or the deposit bonus. It is important for the players to be a new member of the site to avail this type of eSports betting bonus offer. Only newly registered members will be offered with a deposit bonus or a welcome bonus or even a no deposit bonus.

Most of the online Sportsbook stets would require you to make an initial deposit once you open up a new account. It might be a specific range of wagering amounts, and only then you would be offered with a matching bonus deposited in your account. Some sites give a 100% welcome bonus whereas others might give 75% or 50% of the amount deposited. So, you need to take time and choose the best bonus betting sites available online to sign up for a new eSports gambling account.

The best option in front of you is to make use of such welcome betting bonus offers as it will offer you extra money to make the wager. This way you will be able to make more bets than what you could with only your deposit amount. You will have an increased betting budget and also try out a wider range of gambling options. Before you sign up, it is important to check out the gambling requirements for the welcome bonus. There might be stringent restrictions in place by some of the eSports gambling sites that might allow you to access the winnings. So, being cautious and taking time to choose the right eSport betting bonus offers is the best idea.

Other common types of eSports betting bonus and promotions

Apart from the welcome bonus, the Sportsbooks websites give a lot of different types of bonuses and promotions to attract the gamblers. The following are a list of some of the common types of promotions and eSports betting bonuses offered.

VIP or cash back offers

There are many eSports gambling sites that offer you points for a minimum amount that you bet with. You will need to collect as many points as possible so that you will get upgraded and move on to the VIP level. These websites will offer you other promotions and perks as well as cash back offers.

If you are looking at carrying out a lot of online gambling on eSports, then you need to register with eSports betting bonus sites that offer multi-level VIP programs. You will get exclusive bonuses; special cash back offers, merchandise and discount coupons and offers. There are some gambling sites that offer point multipliers for their VIP members for going to new levels. They will have a VIP tier system, and once you achieve the target, you will earn more points.

Free bets

There are many sites that come up with betting bonus offers for free from time to time to lure the existing members and to encourage members to bet more. The free gambling  options might be for £5 or even can go up to £50. One thing the wagers need to know is that the free bet option does not provide you any money to bet with. Instead, you can enjoy a risk-free bet, and this can be called as insurance for your deposit. You will not stand to lose money by failing in the bonuses eSports bet. This offer will only pay you money or the free bet amount if you lose and will not give you any free bet bonus when you win. If you win, you will get the option to collect your winnings only and nothing more. The free bet amount will stay with the gambling  site.

Why is betting bonus offered?

It is not that the gambling  sites are very generous and have lots of money to shell out and hence offer lots of bonuses and promotions. They are doing this for a purpose, and their main aim is to keep their members intact and not to lose them to other gambling  sites. The following are the reasons why gambling sites offer betting bonus offer.

  • The deposit bonus is offered so that they lure their new customers to make a deposit. The free bonus that you get can be used to get over the anxiety while placing a bet for the first time.
  • The online gambling sites use the free bonuses, and eSport betting bonus offers to bring back their dormant bettors to try their luck out. They might give you a reload deposit bonus and make you carry out another deposit in your account to start wagering once again.
  • The gambling sites want to keep their flock together and hence offer free bets, special rewards, and cash back offers for their existing customers.

As the gambling  sites have a lot of reasons to entice their customers, the gambling  bonus gives is a way to make use of the free bonus to create extra winnings.