Try Your Luck At Call Of Duty Betting

Call Of Duty franchise has been launched by Activision company which released the very first game back in 2003. As the game had the Quake III engine in the early beginnings, the popularity of this game conditioned the development of the new engine, which later became a unique and distinctive engine that brought esports betting enthusiasts into the game. Each game from this franchise has two modes: a campaign mode and multiplayer mode. The second one is marked as a competitive esport and it attracts millions of people who want to bet on their favorite team. As you are reading this, we assume that you are already familiar with the game, but let’s start from the very beginning to explain few things to the newbies.

What Is Call Of Duty?

Call Of Duty is FPS series which started back in 2003. So far, the developers of Activision launched 14 titles of this game, while the latest title is still in the development stage. It is a classic FPS game, that has a unique storyline, characters, real-life graphics and the combination of a few engines that ensure high-quality physics. In the beginnings, there were few separated companies that worked on this franchise. However, they melted with other companies and continued their work under different names, which was crucial for the further COD development.

Call Of Duty esports betting is getting more and more popular, and therefore you can find a lot of websites where Call Of Duty betting is allowed. Esports introduced Call Of Duty betting due to high demand in the past six years, which made it popular and enjoyable. Now you can find a whole Call Of Duty league of players where they compete every day for the position of the best team in this game. The World League consists of many tournaments that players play and gain points.

How Is Call Of Duty Played?

As we said, the multiplayer mode is the target for players who like to compete with each other to prove their skills. The game is revolved only around the death matches, whether they are a team or single deathmatches. The majority of competitions utilize team deathmatches, which can be played in 3v3, 4v4 and 6v6 formations. Beside standard deathmatches, COD offers a few more modes that are interesting to players and are often played at the esports betting competitions. Find out below what type of games you can bet on in COD series.

Types Of Call Of Duty Games That Are Played Mostly

As the game offers a wide range of playing options, we must note a few multiplayer games that are very popular at the moment. There are more of them, and you can find a lot of mods for the multiplayer mode. However, we present only those that are the most popular ones, and that is mostly played in COD tournaments. Depending on the tournament, it can happen that players opt for a different type of multiplayer match. This is completely dependent upon the organization of the tournament.

Search And Destroy

Many players adore this type of match. It represents the old-school fighting system; each team consists of a certain number of players (which is set before launching the game session) where one team plays offensively and the other team defensively. The first team, for example, is offensive which means they need to plant a bomb at one out of the two locations of the opponent’s team and prevent the opponents from defusing the bomb. The win goes to the team, which kills all the opponent’s players first, or blows the point A or point B, or ultimately defuse the bomb. This does look like a classic CS match but is far away from that.


The hard point is a bit new concept in COD games, developed mainly for the competitive multiplayer purpose. Each map has a hardpoint – a place that can be secured by one of the teams. Each team needs to fight for the hardpoint by standing close to the hardpoint. The more players are there, the quicker their team will secure the point. Players get points for each second they spend securing the place. The additional points are gathered once the hardpoint is secured by a team and then retaken by the other team. This type of game resembles of capture the flag style of play, but the concept is a bit different as you have only the base points you need to gain.

Capture The Flag

Capture the Flag is the well-known mode for all multiplayer games and if you have ever played any COD, you must be familiar with the CTF. The objective is simple – each team has a base with its flag, and their goal is to “steal” the opponent’s flag and take it to home base. You get points only when you take the opponent’s flag to your base, while your flag remains intact. In case the opponents steal your flag, you will not be able to gain points until you kill the player that holds your flag and you retake the flag. And vise versa.

Why Is Call Of Duty Different From Other FPS Games?

The very first thing is, of course, in-game shooting mechanics that give a bit more freedom to players. The franchise has its own engine and physics that are coded by professionals. Some people give a bad reputation to this game because of this fact, but that is exactly what makes it different. Still, the biggest difference (and a setback at the same time) is rapid fire attachment that eliminates the skill component. Namely, this attachment often gives an advantage to opponent’s as the attachment lowers the rifle accuracy and it is often cased that you get killed even if you have a better rifle.

Beside in-game differences, the game is available not only for PC like many shooters are but also for other platforms like Playstation or Xbox. Sony made an agreement with the PS, and that exactly increased the number of multiplayer matches for this game. When we speak about the best FPS game, it is disputable which game should take the first place, but when we think of the best FPS game on consoles, this game is definitely the number one.

Call Of Duty Prize Pools

Esports Call Of Duty betting is known all around the world, so you can expect big-prize pool with a lot of money waiting to be cashed. Every year, there many COD tournaments that take winners to the COD World League, where only the best shoot. Two years ago, three million dollars was the first-place-winning bet so you can imagine the skill and competency of players that were playing in the tournament.  There thirty teams that play COD World League and each year, the worst teams exit the league, leaving their places for the best teams from the tournaments and championships.

What Do You Need To Know Before Betting On COD?

As the game has unique in-game mechanics, you need to have in mind that the skill gap between these professional players is not so significant as in other games. Therefore, be careful when you place your bets as you cannot be sure that the “favorite” team will win. Some people see this as a disadvantage, but it is not actually.

Whenever esports offer presents one team as the favorite one, consider placing a bet on the underdog to cover your loses. Of course, one thing is for sure; you MUST know the game as well as the players who are competing. The best way to do this is to follow Call Of Duty World League so you could get familiar with the players and teams. Watch streams, search Youtube for match recaps in order to collect all the info before you emerge into Call Of Duty esports betting.