ESL & Mercedes-Benz: The Partnerships Between Two Giants

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The well-known event and tournament organizer, ESL, has announced the expansion of the partnership they have with the German automobile brand Mercedes-Benz. What we can expect in the future of Esports remained not so clear, but we know for sure that the Mercedes-Benz will continue to support their partners through various sponsorships via different markets, ranging from Dota to CS, which will also provoke an additional attention to esports gamblers and professionals who like to gamble and win betting bonus. As the officials announced a few days ago, the partnership will last until 31st December 2020. The Mercedes-Benz will be a global partner for mobility to ESL. Although the first negotiations were held in 2017 during August, it has been recently since these two signed the agreement on the business deals.

Promotions Around the Globe

As this company is always about the innovation and we know that they are a well-established worldwide brand, we can expect a huge amount of money that will be used for fueling the competitions, events and other promotional activities. The CEO of ESL, Ralf Reichert released the statement where he said that the Mercedes-Benz would provide everything they can to support ESL efforts to launch a platform for all people who were fond of “from zero to hero concept”.

The sustainable growth of ESL and generally esports will be greatly influenced by the Mercedes-Benz brand that will inject money into this industry. So far, this automotive brand is a premium partner of Dota 2 events and competitions that are hosted by ESL one and will continue to support an MVP feature, where the best player will be awarded a brand new Mercedes-Benz car.

The New Target Groups for Mercedes-Benz

Britta Seeger, who is a member of Daimler Board Of Management and responsible for marketing said that they were expanding their role in esports as a global brand. They wanted to hit the new target groups of young people that are active in the esports industry and make their names famous. They could not hide their happiness about the involvement in the gaming industry as they could promote their brand much faster and better while influencing the rapid growth of the gaming industry at the same time.

This means that the Mercedes-Benz will enter the esports actively, through constant support in terms of financial help, as well as in terms of brand promotion. We all know how this brand is innovative, so we can only speculate what will eventually happen and come out as an innovative feature  by the symbiosis of these two brand giants.

What do We Know so Far?

So far, we have seen that Mercedes-AMG (which is a Mercedes’ joint venture) will compete in F1 Esports 2018 league. The engineers have developed a specially designed training center where the players, who will play the game, can practice their skills that are necessary for winning in the F1 game. Driving simulators will serve as a link between players and car engineers, so the engineers could provide feedback to experts in order to produce a great car for the game. The virtual model of the car provides benefits both to players and engineers as they know how to and what to improve. This remarkable concept is something completely new, a concept that is a bit futuristic but also great for teamwork and constant update.

Considering the level of expertise this German brand possess, and the great wish of players to win a Mercedes car while forging their name in the esports league, we can expect that the concept will bring many new things into esports. Now, we need to wait and see how the things will go.