All eSports Betting Sites in UK

Have you been looking for the best esports betting websites all over the Internet but couldn’t find any site that contains a genuine review? If so, your search ends here, as we want to present you the full perspective of e gaming and its top sites that cover many competitive multiplayer games. When we “weigh” the quality of the website, we take into account a few factors that are strong indicators of the legit and respectful house. While some factors are more a matter of player’s preferences, the other ones determine the safety and quality of the sites where you will place your bets. We will list the top factors so you could understand how we classify the good esports platforms.

The Esports Betting Site Reputation

The advanced technology created the path for people who want to share their experience, whether it’s good or bad, and help other people in making their choices. Thanks to that, the best betting websites always have a lot of testimonials that confirm the professional service they offer and brag about. E gaming review for almost any online casino or esports website can be found pretty much anywhere on Google, and even on social platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

This is great as you, like an indecisive customer who is not sure where to turn, can assure yourself that you are making the right decision in choosing the best esports betting site. Unlike with the sportsbook where you do not need reviews and personal opinions, top esports betting sites survive partly because of their customers who share a positive experience with the service they use.

Easy Access To Your Funds

As our money is in the game, we want to make sure that the website you choose to use gives you full access to your funds, at any time you want. When we say to access the funds, we do not only mean on checking your account’s balance but also on withdrawal process, deposit method and many other. The first thing you want is an easy withdrawal of your funds; you are not looking for a service that forces you to write hundreds of papers, and you sure don’t want to wait a fortnight before you get the hold of your money. Another thing you need is different methods of money transferring, as some places can offer only a few payment methods. Make sure you choose the one that is the best for you.

The Versatility Of Games

As soon as you find the proper esports betting sites, you can go to the next step, and that is looking for your favorite esport! Generally, the more esport games they offer for betting, the more legit the website is. What we realized through years of this business is that the majority of gamers and esports enthusiasts do not limit themselves to just one discipline. Therefore, the best esports betting site definitely must have a versatile offer with fantastic odds that are waiting for your bets.

Why Should You Opt For ESportsbooks?

There is a strong debate over traditional sportsbooks and esportsbooks. Each type has its own advantages, but in our opinion, traditional ones lack some features. Esportsbooks generally have a much wider range of esports that they cover. This means that the number of customers is huge as each of them can find a discipline they like.

Another advantage is the streaming. Traditional sportsbooks have no streaming nor any additional content that is interesting to gamblers but rather a dull list of esports games. The other ones provide you with the live streaming of the games, additional information on games, teams and other valuable data that can influence your overall gambling experience. This is the reason why a lot of gamers jumped into this world of gambling as they understand the matter much better and deeper, giving them a huge advantage over standard gamblers who only search for a huge profit.

To sum things up, we can say make a quick list of pros for both types of sportbooks.

Esportsbooks pros:

–    Much wider range of esports matches

–    Live streaming and additional game-related content

–    Great for gamers and gamblers who like games

Traditional Sportsbooks pros:

–    Generally more accepted and established

–    Cover more markets

–    Higher limits

Deposit Bonuses

These types of bonuses are not the same as the bonuses in online casinos, but they are there to give you more money while they do not require you to place your bets on a certain sport. Let’s break down a few basic things about the deposit bonuses.

–    Minimum Deposit – this is a starting point which means you must deposit a certain amount

–    Bonus Rate – it is usually a percentage that is attached to your deposit, regardless to its amount

–    Bonus Limit – a standard cap on bonus

–    Wagering Requirement – it adds bonus funds to your accessible funds once you pay the requirement

–    Window – you need to collect bonus in a certain timeframe in order to earn it

Are ESports Betting Sites Legal?

This type of gambling  is available and legally regulated market in the United Kingdom. It means that the operators in the UK obtained the necessary licenses from UKGC. One of the known and versatile places, bet365, offers licensed and regulated gambling among many other websites that offer the same service. For example, the USA has a problem with unlicensed online gambling places even though some states have legalized and taxed this activity. South Korea has explicitly banned all the online gambling activities, but that will not stop players from looking for the shortcuts to participate in this activity.

Since the first esports gambling took place in 2010. Pinnacle has still been the leading place when it comes to eleagues and betting. Pinnacle and Betway are the leading places so far, while bet365 stays slightly behind them, following their trends and implementing all the features that players look for.