Best Esports Game For Gambling Enthusiasts

The idea that esports transformed games and gained popularity is something that people couldn’t even imagine ten or so years ago. But that did happen, and the biggest and the best games attract millions of fans across the range of competitions and tournaments. This also attracted betting enthusiasts that saw a huge list of potential games that could be a platform for betting. Every game that went on to become esports worthy also attracted people that followed its events so they could gamble.

What Are The Most Popular Esports Games?

Esports games are known for their extreme focus on skills and reaction times of the players. All games you will find at the top of this industry promote grinding as a way to become better at it. If you are interested in some of the biggest esports games, then keep on reading as they will appear somewhere on this site. You do have to remember that some titles, you think are at the top, aren’t as popular as some think. This means that you should keep on reading with an open mind that is ready to absorb information and find out more about esports games betting.

If we are going to talk about the biggest games on the esports scene then failing to mention Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would be a sin. This game, and its earlier iterations defined how a fast-paced, team-focused, tactical-in-nature esports should be. The first version of the Counter-Strike was just a mod, but it later evolved into a phenomenon that is still as strong as it was at its strongest. Every year people find CS: GO at the top of every esports games list due to the number of high-paying tournaments. It really is the best esports game of all time.

Other genres had excellent entries on the esports scene as well. One of those genres is Isometric MOBA style of games that produced two gems in the form of DOTA and LoL. DOTA aka Defense of the Ancients is a spin-off from a successful trilogy of games called Warcraft. It took the basic concepts of the game and introduced PVP in the form of two sides waging war against each other with players choosing heroes to tip the scales and win. LoL aka League of Legends is a game that took deep roots on the American scene. It gained popularity alongside DOTA thanks to some gameplay differences that made it compelling to players.

Betting On Tournaments And Other Events

Tournaments are, when it comes to esports betting, the best opportunity for gamblers to invest their money in the best teams in the world. The biggest tournaments attract the best teams from all around the world, and they all get to compete against each other at those events. Victory odds range from certain wins to any team could take it which means that you can get excellent odds for your bets.

However, big tournaments aren’t the only way in which you can catch up with the best teams and bet on the outcome of the matches they play in. Quite a number of successful multiplayer franchises invest in their game and create a player base that brings tournaments and other events to the large masses. Small events and leagues are quite common as they allow for betting while keeping the audience interested in teams. It also allows teams to keep in the shape while waiting for the biggest esports games championships and main events.

Almost every successful esports games betting expert follows smaller events and reviews the results of the same. Some even watch all matches and analyze how each team behaves at the given moment. This is the right way to approach every game you want to gamble on. That amount of information you gather will have a significant impact on your ability to predict how certain matches will end. Gather enough info, and you will know the outcome of the match before it even starts. This will give you a lot of space and time to bet on what you want and to hedge against the risk of it going south.

Game Fatigue – What It Is And How It Affects The Industry

A game can oversaturate the market and start turning people away from itself. Many new titles that aim at entering esports games list invest a lot of money in that venture. They promote it through many events and leagues, and this, in some cases, can backfire. Some games gain a lot of popularity in the beginning, but they fail to deliver in the long run due to the lack of new and compelling content.

Teams that play on a lot of tournaments can experience gaming fatigue as well. Their lives turn into one big grind that is limited to traveling, sleeping and playing at those events. Teams that have to cross great distances to attend major events are highly susceptible to this.

A good example of this is the Cloud9 and other American gaming parties. This team stands at the peak of esports in the USA, most notably having an excellent CS: GO team that took several big international tournaments as well. They managed to do this thanks to their attendance in the European leagues and tournaments. But they had to give up on this because players weren’t happy with a life that required at least 24 hours of flying every week.