Hct Fall Championship Gives Us 4 New Finalists

Hct Fall Championship Gives Us 4 New Finalists

As Hearthstone is a very popular online game these days and hosts many tournaments and competitions, a few days ago we have been introduced to the four new finalists that will compete for the first place. Hearthstone esports professionals are getting ready for the following Sunday when the best players will fight for the advancement to the World Championship. As you are already following what happens at the Hearthstone competitions, we will not write about the game itself and some irrelevant competitions. Instead, we will use this article to write about the newest finalists that will compete in the finals of Hearthstone.

Thomas Zimmer – Sintolol As The First Finalist

As he had five close-fight games previously where each moment was crucial, Thomas Zimmer had another exhausting match before he advanced to the group A. Carefully planned actions, detailed tactical insight and hours of practicing, have finally enabled Thomas to win in the very important match and advance further. Now, he will be fighting for the title with the rest of the players. Although insecure in the first couple of matches, Sintolol managed to stay calm and cool in the last match. We, Will, see his performance in the final stage.

Caimiao – China’s First Hearthstone Finalist

The precious match for Zhao Haixiao “Caimiao” was terribly hard as he almost lost it in the fight with Jan Moy. Close to elimination, Caimiao gave his best and got back from the elimination circle that was a part of this player’s performance, according to some esports professionals. Sintolol managed to sweep Moy’s Warlock and convinced the players and viewers that Warlock race has a certain weakness.

Although had rough matches previously, Caimiao is expected that to reach top three places, in case he continues to play in his well-known style. There are slight chances for single elimination as this player really has patience and skills for this game.

Inguagehackr – The Talen Form Canada

Mihai “Inguagehackr” Dragalin is one of those players that will ruin your life if you let him do that. A prolific experience, an endless amount of concentration and will, as well as skills that he worked on for a long time, gave this Canadian a chance to prove his qualities in the upcoming finals. His road was paved with the convincing victories with 3:0 results. The perfect combination and the control of Shaman, Hunter, Rogue, and Druid give Mihai just enough space to make his path fro the finals. One of the most prolific players in Hearthstone game at the moment.

Tyler Hoang Nguyen – A starter Of Epic Matches

The match between Tyler and Martin Tincho Mazza was full of great combat skills and versatility that players acquire over the time. The first three were won by Tyler with 3:0 result, however, the last round with Roman Renmen Kudriavstev was a bit more unclear. It started a bit bumpy for Tyler, but he managed to get back quickly, eventually winning 3:2, making his way to the finals.

The Finals Are Coming – Who Will Win?

As we are speaking, the upcoming finals are nearby! So far, we have seen our eight finalists who will fight for the title. The professionals from esports are not praising any player too much, as all of them are good and can make different surprises. We cannot be sure who will win on Sunday, but we do know that all of these players have a great set of skills, persistence, and patience, as well as knowledge and experience to become the best Hearthstone player of 2018. We will wait till Sunday and see!