Latest news in Esports in January 2019

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New strategies and Mobile Arena: what’s new in Esports

A bigger audience or more investment isn’t going to cut it as news anymore for Esports. It is evident that the wealth of the industry has grown in all proportions. We are not only talking about marquee sponsorships and tough competition. In 2019 the focus is on setting new platforms for more exciting competition tournaments.

Player’s involvement and participation is a key factor this year. Start by staying updated on games and tournaments by using the best esports betting site, for professional and reliable esport highlights.

Watch rewards

We are going big this year. Watch rewards for League of Legends is bigger and better this year. Its debut was in the world championships of 2018. The aim of watch rewards is essentially for players’ motivation and appreciation. It works by awarding player’s tokens for their viewership during world tournaments.

This year we have different versions for the big leagues. It’s not only players in the world championships that get to enjoy the rewards. To get access to the token, it is a requirement to use your League login credentials. You can watch the games either live or Video on demand (VOD).

You need to spend a minimum of ten minutes to be eligible for the watch rewards. This is a short amount of time considering how exciting and involving competitive gaming is. The tokens for league of legends will be accessible in different locations starting on the January 11th. There is Brazil, Turkey, Japan, North America, Latin America, Oceania, and Europe.

The introduction of the watch rewards into the regular season is definitely going to increase viewership.

FIFA 19 ePremier League

Finally. FIFA 19 joins the world of competitive multiplayer gaming. If you are a football fanatic, you need to be thrilled about this. This new addition proves how much the eSports industry has expanded over the years.

Players will have the opportunity to play against any of the 20 top division clubs in FIFA. 2019 ePremier League commences in January. The Registration process of players involved choosing a club for the qualifiers this year.

Structure of the tournament is straightforward. Broadcasting of FIFA 19 is by the Premier League and Sky sports channels. Gfinity Esports Arena, London, is the destination of the league finals scheduled for March.

Mobile Arena

We must admit that eSport arenas are impressive. From the architecture to the expansive video walls. Architectural companies have gone all in to deliver nothing short of structural perfection. In 2019, we are moving from indoor arenas to mobile platforms.

It might seem like a basic move, considering the massive amount of money invested in big eSport stadiums. The move to a mobile arena makes it possible for players to have access to tournaments in the same vicinity as other entertainment events.

This idea involves a loaded truck, fitted with all the machines required for an entertaining gaming experience. Allied sports came up with this idea in 2018. In 2019, there is a revamp of this idea, making the mobile arena a huge part of social events.

It’s possible for players to enjoy their gaming experience during concerts or lifestyle events. This idea aims to boost experience and inclusivity among eSport fanatics.