Most Interesting Articles of the Week in the World of Esports

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2019 Roster Shakeups

According to Max Thielmeyer from Forbes Magazine, 2019 seems to be an interesting year for eSports. There has been numerous changes in team rosters. Team managements are scouting for new talent to increase their chances of winning at Championships. In his article, “More Roster Shake-Ups Add to Chaotic “Rocket League” Esports off Season”, you get a view of the trend to be notices this year.

Swapping of team members and players is a common thing that happens in most games. For information on current team swaps, use gg esports. In 2015, Kuro Salehi Takhasomi left Team Secret and joined Liquid. However, some changes are different from those we have expected.

Previously, a big team would sign up a professional player from another famous group. Now, with investors offering sponsorship to small teams, we have reputable teams searching for new talent among unrecognized groups.

As the year passes, we will definitely see more transfers within this industry. This is an opportunity for underrated players to make their way to their big leagues. It will be interesting to see how stiff the competition gets in the championships.

University Interest in Competitive Gaming

The world of competitive gaming seems to be creating a tidal wave in sports. KXAN Sports in their article titled, “Gamers wanted, Concordia University launches eSports team”, proves the increasing popularity of cybersport.

Concordia University will join a list of other educational institutions that already have professional gamers. Students will receive sponsorships to play in Overwatch and League of Legends.

Their eSports varsity program is more than providing a competitive space for gamers. It allows students to receive sponsorships and merit awards based on their performance in the sport.

In 2019, we will see more colleges including cybersport as part of their sports program. This provides the opportunity for Students to progress into game tournaments.

Age-factor in eSports

It is no surprise that gaming is popular among a certain age group. Teens and young adults make up the majority of professional gamers. This remains a concern to many people. Nick Howell explains how age continues to be an issue as described in his article, “Surprising “taboo” trend plaguing Esports”.

An increase in popularity of the game has brought about a rise of young players making it to the professional level in a few years. This can put pressure on older players to retire and take up management or coaching jobs.

Over the years, we have seen teams signing up young talents. Benedict “MrKCool” Ward participated in the European Championships being only 14 years old. With management recruiting young players, it’s not weird to find seasoned players going on early retirement.

League of Legends group ratings

For most players, league of legends still remains to be one of the best games. Rankings help people know which team to support. ESPN Sports provides some ratings in their article, “2019 league of legends preseason global power rankings”, written by Emily Rand, Xander Toress and Tyler Erzberger.

The off-season period is a wonderful time for groups to make adjustments to their roster. This happens during preparation for the next season. This year, we have Invictus gaming taking the first position, while the renowned group, Edward gaming takes up the 12th spot.