Online Betting Tips For CS GO Players

CS GO skin is betting

Following quite similar principles as the traditional forms of gambling, online betting is gaining its popularity day after day. Esports and wagering on various sports players and clubs are constantly attractive, but PC games and various forms of gambling on that terrain is currently dominant. In that sphere, most gamers are migrating towards Counter Strike Global Offensive game, and CS GO skin is betting sites are detecting enormous numbers of regular visitors.

Basic Description of Online Gambling

The fact that total revenue of PC games online gambling was several million dollars last year should be enough to give you a clue of how widely popular, powerful and lucrative has online betting become. Although various discussions, skeptic questioning and misinterpretations still surround these activities, there’s no doubt that virtual gambling is a serious industry attracting more people every day. Depending on your interests, you can opt for various forms of gambling, but roughly speaking there are three main types of betting.

Real money online wagering remains the most popular type of online gambling that resembles classic casino gambling the most. The bets are placed through cash, and you may opt for a website that requires deposits or the ones that don’t. A relatively new form of money wagering is Bitcoin betting, gambling with virtual currency. Since Bitcoin transactions are (still) completely unsupervised and out of government control, many people find this form of placing bets the safest way of gambling.

Finally, currently under the spotlight, there’s a third option – skin betting. Cosmetic skins players gain at various levels in the games can be used to place a bet or to trade them for real money and then place bets with real money. Since trading skins don’t affect your game score, many gamers are into skin betting. The main downside is frequent fluctuation in skin values, which makes wagering slightly more unpredictable.

Betting Options for CS:GO Players

Considering all the above mentioned, players of Counter Strike GO can choose between many opportunities for gaining profit out of their favorite PC platform. The simplest options and the most common would include real money or bitcoin esports betting. Quite straightforward rules, familiar terrain and one major advantage: this is probably the type of wagering where you can really influence the outcome using your knowledge, skills and experience instead of leaving it all to pure luck.

Further, there are CS:GO roulette, jackpot and lotteries. CS:GO roulette usually includes skin betting, and the value of skins may change quickly. Following two options are dependent on the amount of money you invest. The more money you invest, the bigger the chance is of winning significant profit. Coin flips and Dice are relatively popular since these wagering options can bring huge money, but the outcome here depends entirely on your luck. You have no control over it.

Most Popular CS GO Betting Sites

If you are completely new to this, be careful not to jump into just any of the web platforms providing CS:GO betting, since there is a whole lot of them, but plenty will get you into scam schemes. Here are just some of the trusted websites we’ve checked for you and approved them. If you’re looking for informative, accurate and full of an updated news website, go for HLTV.Org. Two best places for CS:GO roulette, jackpot and lottery are CSGO Fast and CSGO Polygon. CSGO Crash and CSGO Dice are solid platforms for testing your chances with dice and coin flips. Finally, WTFSkins webpage provides various gambling manners with skins used to place bets.