Bet On Your Favorite ESports Match Using PayPal

PayPal betting has seen its potentials in the past few years, which resulted in millions of people who like to use this payment service for various purposes. Players even use it for esports online sites where they place a bet on a certain game match. In order to bet with PayPal, you need to make a couple of starting steps to prepare everything for your flawless betting experience. Keep reading our text to find out what you need to do to use this fantastic payment service.

What Is PayPal And What It Has To Do With eSports?

It is a worldwide accepted and known payment service that is available in almost all countries of the world. In the beginning, it was supposed to work as an e-wallet, however, due to a large number of applicants, they changed their business a little bit and took over the title for the most reliable e-payment system. As the more people were interested in it, they decided to expand their business and implement PayPal betting concept.

They are now a primary choice for more than 50 million of people who like to place bets for their esports matches! Some countries and states do not allow any financial transactions that are connected to esports betting sites that support PayPal, but that is not a problem of this service but rather of the local gambling laws. This is exactly why it became a very useful tool for making deposits and withdrawals from the betting sites. The easy use and friendly UI is what makes people using PayPal for their esports betting.

Making A Deposit At eSports Sites Through PayPal Is Easy

As they implement the latest and the most advanced technologies, PayPal accepts a variety of methods for deposits, ranging from Visa, Mastercard, Discover and even Switch, Solo or Delta cards that are native to the UK. Whenever you make a deposit using your account, you have an option to pay the fee (2.9%), or you can give the receiver to pay the fee. In that case, you will pay that fee later when you are withdrawing your money.

One thing that is especially cool about this service is that you can receive on your betting account money from anyone who has own PayPal balance. Since it works like a simple e-wallet, it is only enough to provide your email at the PayPal betting sites so you could receive money directly from your friend’s wallet and start with betting.

What Are The Advantages Of Using PayPal For eSports Betting?

The first of all is the authority that PayPal has. It is the oldest e-wallet that has the best security protocols that are responsible for the data confidence and the prevention of your identity. Thanks to these, the service can spot and shut down any suspicious accounts quickly. Please, do comply with the basic procedures and requirements as they will shut down your account once they start thinking you are doing something suspicious with your account. They are not responsible for the funds on your account in such case, but only because they want to prevent malicious activities and cheating.

When it comes to depositing options and withdrawal, it is safe enough to say that you have more than a dozen options to transfer your cash. A variety of cards are accepted, bank transfers both for depositing and withdrawing money, and the time for settling your transactions are very fast. With the few clicks, you can transfer your money to or from your PayPal, which is extremely convenient to players who make their deposits and withdrawals often.

PayPal And eSports Betting – How Does It Work?

If you want to bet online using PayPal, you need to make an account on this service’s website. Once you are done with this, you can choose to transfer money to PayPal directly from your bank, or someone can send money from different PayPal account. If you want to use the first way, then we advise you to link your credit/debit card to your account. The reason for this is once you get it connected, your money will be transferred instantly to your betting account.

The withdrawal process during the bets is pretty much the same as anywhere – once you win your bet, you can withdraw it to your PayPal directly, if you set this service as the default payment method. However, have in mind that all the bettings you win do not go directly to your bank but rather to your PayPal account. Once they are transferred to PayPal, you can request a withdrawal from your bank and then access the funds through a bank.

Who Is eSports Betting Through PayPal For?

The better question might be: Why should you use PayPal in your esports betting? Well, there are two obvious reasons: safety and speed. All the transactions you make, whether they are withdrawals or deposits, will be completed instantly. Each deposit is made within 10 seconds, at most. The withdrawal process could take a minute or two at most in the case when a lot of people plays and wants to do transactions.

Another thing that people will just love about PayPal esports possibility to place bet is anonymity that this service gives you. You will never reveal any of your personal and confidential information, neither to a website where you place your bets, neither to a bank. It is one of the biggest reasons why people opt for this payment service, which makes their epsorts betting much more convenient.