How To Safely Bet On eSports With PaySafeCard?

The eSports has taken the world by storm and is very popular nowadays. They offer a wide range of online betting options. This is a platform that offers the fans a lot of betting opportunities. A lot of interest in the eSports is from the newbies to this video game sport and to its gambling. It all started when online bookmakers started to offer eSports betting markets.

eSports is very easy and simple. The bettor needs to choose an eSports tournament or a match from the gambling options, pick the amount he or she wants to bet on at the odds and then place the wager. If the team that you choose wins, then the betting options you have chosen wins, and thereby you will receive money in your account according to the bet placed.

What is the most trusted eSports betting deposit method?

If you have decided to start eSports betting, then you need to first do a bit of homework in choosing the gambling site. The quality of customer support, the wide range of games covered and the number of betting lines on offer needs to be considered when choosing the eSports bookmaker site. Another major thing is to check out the different types of deposit methods on offer. If the site offers online betting with PaySafeCard, then make sure to use it as this is the most popular and trusted payment method by all bettors.

What is PaySafeCard eSports betting?

PaySafeCard esports betting is very popular among all the people who play and bet on eSports. It is an online prepaid payment option that helps you to buy things and make bets on all kinds of sports and gambling sites very easily. There is no need to use a debit card or debit card anymore to make online payments. With this online payment option, you can easily fund your eSports betting account with real cash. This payment method is widely accepted by all the leading casinos and bookmakers all over the globe. It is only used for depositing money to eSports betting sites.

The minimum deposit amount is £5 or £10. The betting sites PaySafeCard deposits are all free of charge. It offers the users complete confidence and safety to use it anywhere. There is no need to key in any of the personal information when using the PaySafeCard for depositing money on eSports sites. It can be bought from over 600,000 sales outlets spread all over the world.

How does online betting with PaySafeCard work?

It is important to first acquire the PaySafeCard eSports for placing the bets on popular eSports gambling sites.  As there are offered in over 600,000 points of sale, you can get them easily. They are offered in increments of £10 to £175. Once the PaySafeCard with the required denominations is purchased, you can follow these steps to make a cash deposit at the popular eSports gambling sites.

  • Log in to an eSports betting site that offers online betting with PaySafeCard.
  • Once you are in the account, you should look for the deposit option and click on it.
  • There will be a list of payment options that show up on the screen. Choose the PaySafeCard option and click on it.
  • You should now choose the amount that you intend to deposit in the eSports betting account by opting for the deposit amount option.
  • Here, you should enter your 16 digit PIN that you got when you bought to PaySafeCard in the space provided.
  • After this, you should accept the terms and conditions and click on the Pay Now option to give permission for the PaySafeCard to deposit the amount in your account opened in the eSports gambling site.
  • After the transaction is complete, you will be taken to the site’s homepage. The amount that you have transferred will get credited to your account as quickly as possible.

Why use PaySafeCard for eSports betting?

There are quite a lot of benefits that wagers will get when they do online bookmaking with PaySafeCard. There is no need to pay any fees to deposit money in the eSports wagering websites through PaySafeCard. The money transfer from the card to the betting site will be done quickly and securely. There is no need to key in any of neither the personal information nor the banking details to pay money for PaySafeCard betting. The PaySafeCard eSports is very convenient to buy as it is available in a lot of shops all over the world.

It can be bought online from the merchants selling it, and the payment can be made through online bank transfer. So, you can get the betting sites PaySafeCard sitting in the comforts of your home. The PaySafeCard is highly safe and secure to use online.  It is like having cash on the internet, and no hackers or intruders can get access to this cash.  This is because you only use a 16-digit pin to remit the money to the online eSports betting sites. No banking details or credit card details are shared to deposit money in the gambling sites.

The registration process is streamlined, and you can easily make quick and instant deposits using PaySafeCard. The service offers the high quality anti-fraud encryption standards so that your money will not be lost online. The major shortfall of the PaySafeCard is that you cannot make any withdrawals using this method.

How to sign up for PaySafeCard?

There is no need for any sign up to get up PaySafeCard.  It is important that the people looking to register for this payment option must be over 18 years of age.  This payment card can be bought online or from many of the physical shops.  If you are looking to make use of my PaySafeCard option, then you will have to register by providing your name, date of birth, mobile number, address, and email address.  You will also be asked to choose and username and password.

eSports betting sites that accept PaySafeCard

There are a lot of online bookmakers that allows their members to carry out PaySafeCard betting on their sites.  Some of the sites include:

  • Ladbrokes
  • William Hill
  • Betway
  • BetVictor
  • Winner
  • 10Bet
  • RaceBets
  • Betfair
  • BetSafe

One of the handy depositing options that you can choose to make deposits in the eSports betting websites is PaySafeCard. There are plenty of bookmakers who support this money deposit option. It is a safe and secure way of depositing money in the public used betting websites. It is anonymous as you do not have to clean your personal or bank details to deposit money.