The Popularity Of CSS GO Betting Sites

CS GO betting sites

If you are playing any of the popular PC games online or if you are a huge fan of esports, sports players and tournaments, you are likely familiar with the powerful and constantly thriving industry of online gambling. Similar to regular casinos, there are numerous web pages providing platforms for online betting, with CS GO betting sites as one of the most popular counting impressive number of regular visitors. Gamers of different age are passionately keeping up with the latest data in esports and PC games and test their luck via one of many gambling options.

The Hype of CS GO Betting

Although esports and sports tournaments obtain their pretty constant popularity, CS:GO betting is still the most powerful online platform for placing bets. The hype keeps growing, especially with the youngest population taking part in these activities, but many suspicions, misinterpretations and accusations can still be heard in the virtual world regarding CS:GO or online gambling in general. Most of these warnings are the result of many scam website and people losing their money in unfair procedures. Hence, here is a brief overview of the legal CS: GO betting options and the website you can trust.

Types of CS GO Betting Sites

Roughly divided, there are three main options you may opt for. These options work for esports betting the same way they work for PC games and CS:GO betting. Real money gambling is the simplest option, usually chosen by people familiar with conventional casinos and other classic forms of luck games. Some website requires a certain deposit after creating an account, while others don’t.

Either way, it’s a simple mechanism: you place the bet by making an online payment and win or lose at the end. The catch is that real money bet allows the significant influence of your experience and skills, so your money isn’t completely left to chance and luck. With introducing virtual currency, the bitcoin, online gambling platforms provided gambling via bitcoin too. A significant number of gamers opting for bitcoin isn’t surprising, considering that fact that money flow of this virtual currency is still completely unregulated.

Third gambling option for CS: GO betting gaining extreme popularity lately is skin betting. Using third-side web platform, players place bets through their cosmetic skins gained at various levels of games and gamble via skin value or convert it into real money.

Trusted Web Platforms

Using these three main gambling options, described above, you can choose the particular luck game that suits you best. The same as in the real world, there are websites providing betting on single players or tournaments, jackpot or blackjack, dice or coin flips, lottery systems or roulettes. Most platforms pick their dominant form of gambling but provide others as a secondary option.

Currently, the most visited webpage, with quite diverse and rich content, is This site provides full lineups, results updates, detailed analytics, and statistics, as well as reliable procedures for placing bets. GGBet is another website, most popular among CS:GO gamers looking for options to bet, but providing esport gambling as well.

CS:GO Empire, Fast and Polygon

Three web platforms providing reliable betting options and solely focused onto CS:GO. Mostly used gambling types are roulette, jackpots, blackjack, without daily bonuses and required deposits. If you prefer dice or coin flipping, as forms completely dependent on luck, two recommended safe web addresses would be CSGO Crash and CSGO Dice. Finally, WTFSkins and SkinUp are two rather attractive platforms providing excellent betting options for players placing bets only with their CS:GO skins.