PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 Spring Split Schedule

pubg mobile club open 2020

PUBG Mobile has been on the market for a while meaning that various younger rivals are now trying to compete for the same target audience. Such a situation is quite risky but certainly not for the PUBG Corporation, which hit everybody with some big news about PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 Spring Split! Can you believe – we are still under the impression from 2019 season and here it comes – one of the major events on the mobile game arena.

PUBG Mobile unveiled its prize pool for 2020. $1 million would break the record among all the other mobile games setting a tournament; however, this year, it gets divided in half for the spring and fall seasons respectively (after all the PUBG fans come back from their summer vacations, they’ll have a chance to watch a legendary PUBG Mobile World Championship).

Coming back to the PUBG Mobile Club Open it was announced just on January 3rd giving their fans less than 3 weeks to register. 2020 is the year of diversity for the mobile games tournaments; therefore, PUBG Mobile welcomed many new regions to try their luck on the big stage. Here is the list of the regions from the invitation:

  • Europe
  • The Middle East and Africa
  • South Asia
  • Wildcard
  • SEA Wildcard
  • North America
  • Brazil
  • Turkey
  • CIS
  • Germany
  • Iraq
  • Saudi Arabia
  • India
  • Pakistan

In the announcement, you could also observe the four maps that will be played during this year’s PMCO from a third-person perspective (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi).

 The schedule of PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 Spring Split

The schedule of PMCO 2020 is not yet fully released, but all the six stages we may observe on their webpage do not differ much from the other esports tournaments 2020.

  1. Registration (January 3rd – January 21st)

The minimum rank required for the PMCO participants is platinum. The team should include from four to five (including a sub) people from the same region. If a player doesn’t have a team, they are suggested to form a new squad and send an application together. In case participants are younger than 16 years old, they will have to provide parental permission.

After the application is sent, no changes are allowed. In case the team was caught lying, it gets disqualified.

  1. Qualification (January 23rd – February 2nd)

After the teams are registered, they are offered to play from 8 to 32 games (PUBG Mobile in-game qualifiers). Eight best results for every team will come as the final standings, which will bring the top teams to the regional group stage.

  1. Regional group stage (February)

Apart from the top teams qualified for this stage, the regional groups will be also formed from the PMCO 2019 Regional Finals participants. In total, there will be 32 teams competing against each other; 24 of them will proceed to the semi-finals.

  1. Regional semi-finals (February)

The regional semi-finals include 24 teams battling against each other; 16 of them will later get into the regional finals.

  1. Regional finals (March)

The lucky teams that got a ticket to the regional finals will compete for either their place in this final or in the same tournament next year. In 2020, the regional finals stage will be held both in South Asia and America for the participants from the respective regions. Due to less intensive competition in the other regions, participants from there will go directly to the final stage of PMCO 2020.

  1. World League (May).

PMCO 2020 is expected to surprise us with the multiple wildcard entries during its final part held online. All we need is patience!

In 2019, PMCO Spring Split was won by the Chinese team Top Sports, whereas the fall iteration was won by Bigetron RA from Indonesia.

Not that many developers can be proud of such a loyal audience PUBG Mobile has. Some of its fans used to be the avid PC players, some got transferred from another mobile battle royale, and some just joined the community. Needless to say, the more players are involved, the more tournaments should be there to meet their ambitions.

The PMCO Spring Split comes as a great base for preparing to the PUBG Mobile Esports in 2020 – the second most global PUBG Mobile event. So far, it will involve multiple Pro Leagues held in South Asia, the Americas, and SEA. The final World Championship will finish the tournament cycle with the prize pool close to $5 million.

PMCO is a unique format of a mobile game tournament, which entered the market years ago but was replaced with the pompous international championships renting arenas in the most expensive cities in the world. PUBG Mobile is some kind of a niche pioneer, which can easily afford to hold a major event. For some reason, its developers decided to keep everything online implying saving money for the World Championship.