A Short Insight Into C9’s Match In LoL Knockout Stage

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Dennis Svenskeren Johnsen was preparing well with his teammates to take the win in the Game 3 of knockout stage in League Of Legends that was held in Seoul, in South Korea. The League Of Legends is one of the most popular MMO games that hosts millions of players, and you can even find a league of legends betting uk websites that allow people from the UK to place bets on LoL matches. For this occasion, we give a quick throw back at what happened here in the third round. At two and a half minutes, Svenskeren cleared his buff and managed to get “the first blood”, letting the opponent’s players know who is the boss.

How Come C9 Had Problems?

C9 is one of the leading LoL teams at the moment with many won matches. The supporting audience, who came for this round to see Edward Gaming crew that played the following day, was cheering at every kill or objective that was made by C9. Svenskeren’s team did practice a lot before the match as they wanted to give their maximum and some of the tactical preparations did not work out very well – and they could see this in the third game! However, Gambit team did force C9 to make errors – mistracking teleports time and classic errors like not following the opponent’s style of play. Also, C9 did not practice enough for the specific picks.

Although they drafted some players who haven’t shown the outstanding results, they refused to say they were drafting bad players just to fulfill the space. The real problem, according to Svenskeren, was the miscommunication between team players. Additionally, Gambit team was playing much better than usually, and these two facts were strong enough to cause a series of problems for C9 team. They had much better movement and focus but had not enough strength to take the win.

Gambit team was really strong and well-organized tram that played a fantastic match, where their whole team was staying on the same page all the time. In case some of their team made a mistake, the rest of the team was there to cover the things up and make it up. The key thing was a good organization and a clear definition where each player was supposed to go and perform a certain action.

The Match Outcome Was Not Expected By The Experts?

All the predictions were centered around C9’s win against Gambit, and no one could believe that the result would be in favor of Gambit’s team at any time. Although Gambit did not impress anyone in their earlier matches, they managed to use the weakness that C9 has in the form of miscommunication and poor picks and give a few serious blows.

Svenskeren said they were not practicing enough as they were preparing for Group B matches and Gambit managed to catch them off guard and use that as their advantage over the C9. He admitted that Gambit would become one of the best teams in Lol League eventually and that would exceed C9’s qualities. Still, there is a lot to play, but it is possible that miracles do happen but only after Gambit wins over C9.

Better Synergy And Coordination For The Winnings

The C9 team announced they would work on finding the balance between finding the good picks and ensuring a victory for themselves. C9 has big-time problems with Gambit and to avoid such problems, C9 must achieve synergy and coordination that will work flawlessly. Otherwise, they might end up losing their following matches.