Skrill has become the star among e-payment services since offers flawless online esport betting experience! Betting on esports using Skrill is definitely a new way to experience the thrill of online esports betting. Since we want to enrich you with our experience in this matter, we have prepared a short guide so you could understand the matter. Keep reading our text and feel free to email us if you have any questions.

What Does It Stand For Skrill?

Skrill, once known under the name Moneybookers, is e-payment service that serves millions of people , producing an annual revenue in the amount of $330 million. Esports betting enthusiasts realized the potential of this brand thanks to Skrill’s unique features that you cannot find anywhere else. Skrill betting offers much greater freedom for esports gamblers, while the service takes only small part for what they provide their players with. Betting on esports matches is relatively not a too young concept, but it did experience the sudden growth and more convenient approach. The next question could be: how and why Skrill esport betting is so hyped.

Esports Skrill Betting – Why Is it So Popular?

There is one thing we need to clarify – most of the gamers prefer Skrill as their payment method, especially when esports betting is involved. The reason why it is so popular is that Skrill offers faster technology, more convenient customer service and it is welcomed everywhere, unlike PayPal for example. The convenience of making instant transactions, super-ultra-responsive customer support and worldwide acceptance made Skrill one of the favorite esports betting payment methods.

Why Should You Use Skrill for Esports Betting?

Each e-wallet, which is also Skrill, has its own pros and reasons for use. Skrill offers something different, something that is aimed at the esports betting community. The first thing they offer is a discreet and fast deposit. Unlike some other web wallets, Skrill technology conducts instant and free-of-charge deposits, which is great for betting professionals who don’t have time to waste. As the Skrill is known all over the Internet and world, you can catch exclusive promotions in the online wagering markets. Besides this, the service offers a VIP system for loyal users who have a lot of transactions. This will lower your fees, as you are a loyal customer that uses this service quite often. They respect that.

In case of emergency, the super responsive customer support is available 24/7 to assist you with your problem. In esports betting, it can sometimes happen that your deposit or withdrawal stucks somewhere in between, as the system carries out millions of transactions on a daily basis. For this reason, the customer support helps you in solving this problem. Just to compare two brands – PayPal has much bigger annual revenue than Skrill, but it has incomparably poor customer service. The technical assistance must be taken into account.

What Are The Steps For Creating a Skrill Account?

There are a couple of steps although they require no technical knowledge. Anyone can do it. Let’s break the whole process in the few steps so you could start your esports Skrill betting adventure!

STEP 1 –  Visit the Skrill’s website and click on the “OPEN FREE ACCOUNT”. Read all the Terms And Conditions and enter your email that will serve as your username, along with the required information. You can complete an optional identity verification process that enables you to send higher amounts of money.

STEP 2 – Scan your ID photo and send it to the support so they can confirm your identity and prevent possible thefts. Make sure you take a photo of both sides of your ID, as well as that you do not “cut” corners. Use Skrill mobile application for more convenient access.

STEP 3 – Verify your address by providing them a photo of electricity bill, or any other bill/paper that includes your name and the address. The documents must not be older than three months.

STEP 4 – Verify your bank account for more convenient transactions and 24/ access to your transactions’ statement. Send an email or upload the photo manually.

STEP 5 – Verify your credit/debit card by simply logging in to your Skrill account. Go to the “Cards and Bank Accounts” menu and click on the verify link. This will deduct anywhere from EUR 1.01 to 2.99 from your account. You need to go to your card’s statement to see the exact amount that was deducted and enter it in the “VERIFY” field to confirm your card. The amount will be refunded as soon as you confirm your card by entering the exact amount.

How Do You Use Skrill For Esports Betting?

The service has a user-friendly design on their site, and everything is straightforward. The first thing to do is to create an account on their website and fill in the necessary information. After that, you need to fund your Skrill account, so it could be ready for esports betting. Load your funds into the account, using some of the offered methods like credit cards, bank account or vouchers. You can read the more detailed guide for opening Skrill account in the above text.

Once you are done with creating your account on the betting platform, connect your Skrill account with the betting account and transfer your funds. Make sure you enter the correct wallet ID. The funds will be ready for use instantly after you refresh the webpage. Now you can start betting on esports.