The Most Scandalous Transfers In CS: GO

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Stewie 2K

Teams will pay a ridiculously large amount of money to attract new talents to their rosters. This can either be a seasoned player or a young player with impressive gaming skills. Stewie 2k is among players who have received one of the highest payouts in the history of CS: GO.

His move from Cloud 9 to the Immortals was costed out at approximately $500,000. The Immortals put a high price tag on his talent and this topic became so popular among CS: GO fans. If you are interested in, you can read more about game scandals, winning strategies and recent news of players just visiting one of cs go betting sites, for example.

Immortals’ manager Tomi Kovanen has committed so much time and money to recruit the best players, but some critics argue that sponsors overpaid. The reward received during this transfer was so large that many followers claimed it was a rave to pay so much even for a good player.

The debate over this person of figure made a few analysts stick to the opinion that the price was approximately less than $300,000. There is no doubt that Stewie was a key player in Cloud 9 during his 26-month contract as his team won local tournaments and international events.

Despite obvious gaming skills, squads do usually inflate valuations of new talents. The outrage over this CS: GO transfer is that at the time Immortals already had incredible players in their roster. It begs the question of why they spent so much money on a player with the same level of expertise as their current ones have.

Consequently, their decision to lay down one of the largest payouts in CS: GO worked in their favor. During Pro League Season 6, Immortals were in the 12th position. Unfortunately, following the “high-priced” transfer, the game performance of this team has not been as great as fans have expected.

Nikola “Niko” Kovac

Mousesports have had Nikola in their roster since he was 18 years old. He joined this group in 2015. Two years later, he would join Faze in one of the biggest deals in eSport. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Faze allegedly parted with his squad and received $500,000 for his transfer.

This squad is renowned for making big and expensive purchases in the past. Nikola, the Bosnian star who joined the American team, was its «major addition». This decision to include Nikola in their roster, means that there is high pressure on the young talent. They expect him to amaze fans by unbelievable performance and reach new horizons on the arena.

NBK and apEX

The story of Nathan “NBK” Schmitt and Dan “apEX” Madesclaire leads our list of scandalous transfers. These French gamers had a contract with G2 Esports. The contract buyout was set at $800,000 for each of them. This Spanish team expects that buyout will have paid for itself within a year.

The problem with the entire transfer started when none of the players could find a team that would pay such a large amount of money for their talent. NBK was about to join Cloud 9, while Mouz most likely considered making apEX part of their roster.

The hype surrounding transfer deals ended with both players remaining on the bench of G2 Esports waiting for an organization to match their payout amount.

Both NBK and apEX were amazing players, having mastered this game tactic pretty well. However, that was not enough for a group to come up and pay $800,000. The amount was definitely a deal breaker. Probably this move from G2 Esports has prevented rival teams from getting their top talents.