Top eSports Tournaments UK in 2020

Esports is a hugely profitable industry in today’s modern world. In ages past, tournaments and leagues were few and far between. Today, however, there is a huge array of esports tournaments that gamers can participate in. The biggest esports tournaments have vast prize pools often spanning into millions of dollars. Furthermore, many online esports tournaments are streamed live or have their own TV series. You can easily access international tournaments, but what about in your own country? In this article, we look at esports tournaments in the UK and Europe like The International, and the ICE Challenge 2020:

Top esports tournaments DOTA 2 in the UK

DOTA 2 is one of the most popular esports titles available. This amazing top-down strategy game pits teams against each other using a range of fantasy characters and beasts. The action is intense, and the games are fun to both watch and participate in. The following are two of the top esports tournaments coming up in 2020 for DOTA 2:

The International – DOTA 2 – Sweden

Aside from the lucrative Fortnite World Cup, The International is the best-known and popular esports gaming event in the world. Held in Sweden, over $25 million dollars’ worth of prize money can be won. Even if you aren’t participating, you can use your DOTA 2 account to login and watch the action live. As far as esports tournaments UK 2020 go, competing in the qualifying rounds of The International could potentially be life changing.

ESL One Birmingham 2020

The ESL One Birmingham is a round robin group stage competition held annually in May at the Birmingham Arena. This year’s prize pool is $300,000 and the event attracts some major sponsors, including Intel, Mercedes Benz, DHK, and Game Fuel. Competitors are yet to be announced but this competition is usually a big success.

Top CS GO esports tournaments in the UK & Europe

Counter Strike Global Offensive is another tried and tested esports game that is regularly on the competitive scene. This first-person shooter is quite old in gaming terms, but the action and gameplay keep people coming back. Furthermore, it has an impressive following and a huge variety of leagues and COD esports tournaments. The following are some of the best upcoming events in the CS GO esports tournaments calendar:

ESL Premier League

The Electronic Sports League is one of the longest standing esports organizations in the world. This is a multi-discipline platform that supports numerous games – particularly CS GO. UK and European players can join a myriad of one-off eliminations, and leagues for this esports game. Moreover, the Premier League offers elite gameplay for the top competing teams.

ICE Challenge 2020

The ICE Challenge is a recurring tournament for CS GO that is held in the UK. It is one of the most popular esports tournaments London has to offer for CS GO and features some of the best Counterstrike teams in the country. The tournament lasts for several days and is live streamed. This year, the prize fund is a staggering $250,000 so the stakes are high!

Top Overwatch esports tournaments for UK players

Blizzard is well-known for creating popular competitive gaming titles and Overwatch is no exception. This first-person team-based shooter offers a perfect blend of cool graphics and intense team gameplay. In recent years, the number of Overwatch leagues and tournaments has expanded including the following esports tournaments in the UK:

The Overwatch World Cup

This is an annual event held by the makers of Overwatch – Blizzard Entertainment. Throughout the year, preliminary qualifying rounds are held in different countries – any team can join and attempt to seek glory. As the cup progresses, teams are eliminated, and the finals are held during the epic BlizzCon event in November. If you want to make a name for yourself in Overwatch, this is certainly the tournament to enter.

Top LOL esports tournaments for UK players

Perhaps the most well-known and exciting esports game of all is League of Legends (usually shortened to LOL). This is an MOBA with a brilliant fantasy theme featuring different hero types like mages, fighters, marksmen, and slayers. The esports scene for LOL is huge with some amazing tournaments held by large corporations. We have listed some of the main LOL esports tournaments 2020 has to offer below:

The Intel Extreme Masters – Katowice

This masters series is part of the ESL League and is held specifically for League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Starcraft II. As with other major tournaments, qualifying rounds and leagues are held throughout the year in different locations. The results from the esports tournaments online are then correlated, and the finals are held in Katowice in Poland. The prize pool is some of the largest in esports, and the events are often televised.

League of Legends World Championship

Did you know that the League of Legends World Championship has a prize fund of $25 million dollars. The competition includes teams from 14 different countries and is one of the main esports tournaments UK for LOL gamers. Qualification for this competition takes place throughout the year with regional and national competitions – the grand finale this year is held in China.

Other notable esports tournaments UK 2020

Aside from the four main games listed above, there is a host of other LAN events, female esports tournaments, and expositions you can attend in the UK. These other events are amazing for those who love gaming culture, and who aren’t quite ready for the top competitive tournaments.

Insomnia LAN weekend

The Insomnia LAN weekends are some of the biggest LAN tournaments in the UK – held at the NEC in Birmingham, this tournament brings together thousands of UK gamers twice in the year. Games covered during these monumental events include FIFA, Smash Bro, Rainbow 6, and Halo. The esports tournaments prizes might not be the biggest, but you can still walk away with anything from £200 to £1500 on the larger competitions.

EGX Expo

The Eurogamer Expo is a long standing expo and gaming event that has been held for over a decade. This event is hugely popular and is attended by thousands of people on an annual basis. Top gaming companies and developers create stands and show off their latest products. Furthermore, there is a range of competitions on various esports games, including Street Fighter V, CSGO, and Overwatch.

We hope you have found this article on the best esports tournaments UK in 2020 beneficial. Whether you are a participant, an aspiring esports champion, or simply a fan, there is a range of fantastic competitions available in the UK and Europe. Why not check these events out in greater detail and become a part of this brilliant competitive scene?

The international - Dota2-stockholm-sweden
The International 2020

The tournament will run from August 18 to 23, 2020 in Ericsson Globe, Stockholm, Sweden.
This year, the prize pool ended up with a total of USD $34 million raised that is considered the largest esports prize pool in history.

ESL Birmingham
ESL One Birmingham 2020

One of the most beloved and impressive tournaments of this year is coming in May! Watch, bet and have fun!

ICE Challenge 2020
ICE Challenge 2020, London

This year follow the eight teams compete for the total prize pool – $250,000!

LOL world championship 2020
LOL world championship 2020

The most expected cybersport event ever begins on January 13th. Start following your favorite esport game from the largest championship!