Top UK eSports Tournaments to Witness in 2019

Those who are players and fans of CS:GO and have not bought tickets for IEM Katowice Major Event will still have a chance to catch the final ticket sale that has gone live on 10th January 2019. It would be the Champions and legends stages.

As all fans are aware, the tournament lasts for about three weeks. The Challengers stage comes on from February 13th to 17th 2019. This takes place only for the participants at ESL Arena, Katowice. However, the live audience can catch the action of the Legends and the Champions as well. These would take place towards the latter part of February. The Legends would be held between 20th to 24th February 2019 whereas Champions would take place between February 28th and March 3rd, 2019.

Main Attraction among eSports Tournaments 2019:IEM Katowice

Those who purchase tickets for the Legends stage of this eSports tournament would find the expo worth witnessing at the Katowice ICC expo venue. Champion’s stage will continue for four days and would be held at Spodek. This will run parallel to the expo event. Ticket types vary from early entrance to premium tickets. Those who wish to experience the God mode would get a four-star hotel room stay included in their ticket price.

The event would be one of the best tournaments of Intel Extreme Masters. It includes one of the oldest trophies that were introduced in the world of eSports. There is also the glamour of Valve Major that is a key attraction for the CS:GO players. There is also the Grand Slam event of Intel that tops all others.

This year the live audience would be even larger; playoffs of the Champions stage would be at Spodek for four days spanning two-quarter finals on February 28th and March 1st, semifinals to be held on March 2nd and the grand finale to be witnessed on March 3rd. Those who would be attending IEM Katowice for the first time would find the IEM expo a large affair that is held across a hall of 8000 square meter and involving several partners and companies in the tech industry as well as in eSports.

High on the list of eSports tournaments – 2019 CWL Pro League

2019 CWL Pro League, based on Call of Duty:Black Ops 4 is a league for PlayStation 4 enthusiasts. In 2018 it started in February and concluded in May. The 2019 version, however, would comprise of a single stage. There would be a total of 16 teams participating from APAC, Europe and North America. The teams would participate in two broad divisions.

There are certain changes introduced in the 2019 version. Teams would be allowed to play against those in the other division. They can make roster changes and matches that are decided during the season would be broadcast from Monday to Thursday. Top teams would go onto compete in CWL finals.

The Pro League gets the top world teams to participate. It should come as no surprise to find four

Teams of CWL Las Vegas being part of the CWL tournament, the remaining teams in positions 12th to 32nd would fight out for the remaining positions. The qualification event would be taking place this month in Columbus, Ohio.

This is the fourth year of this league, and this version comes with certain rule changes. These include the possibility of roster changes by the teams and the Pro League being held. There would be certain rewarding schemes for amateurs as well.

The 2018 season bought in certain traditions that would continue this year as well. That includes hanging the team banners as their accomplishments and history are recognized at the tournament. The prize money pool has also been increased to $6 million which makes it one of the largest eSports events for Call of Duty. With restrictions removed from LAN events, players from different parts of the world can also compete online at the CWL events.

The first major event would be CWL Las Vegas which would take place between December 7th and 9th.

Unique among eSports tournaments 2019 – ESL One Birmingham

ESL One Birmingham would be coming back in 2019, and the scheduled dates are May 31st to 2nd June. This Birmingham program, as per its previous versions, would be welcoming talented players and enthusiastic fans for the entire weekend. This is when Dota 2 action would unfold.

Fans can look forward to fun activities to participate in, watch exciting matches as well as have signing sessions with teams.

As we look back at the 2018 version of ESL One Birmingham, it was limelight time for Mangix the Brewmaster. The Birmingham eSports arena had a thunderous atmosphere as Brewmaster had all enthusiastic British fans egging him on. There were team fights on stage and an overwhelming atmosphere created by the fans. Brewmaster definitely made it an electrifying event last year, and it is sure to hold some surprises for the fans this year as well.

The UK crowd has been great, and DHL chants had kept the crowds working to keep the balloon afloat. Those who witnessed the spectacle last year will surely be back for more. The event organizers would have new surprises up their sleeves and cosplayers would be there to entertain, in amazing costumes and creations. New, as well as old artists from all over Europe,  are welcome to participate in ESL One Birmingham 2019.

Comeback list of eSports tournaments 2019 – Season 9 of ESL Pro League

Top brands like MSI and Intel would be sponsors of this season to continue the legacy that has been developed of this eSports tournament. The fiercest titans of Asia Pacific, America, and Europe would be powering up and forming teams to contend and reach the finals that would be held in Odense, Denmark. This year it would be held on April 12th, 2019.

What would be drawing teams to this event would be the changes in format. It is considered as a professional league for CS:GO and it is the longest running event for the fans and players. This year the new format brings in opportunities for more teams to participate. Also, there would be studio matches replacing online play with teams from AM and EU regions competing with each other.

The time commitment required would be less, and it would help overcome the oversaturation that was found among players and teams in the previous seasons.

dota summit 10

Held in Los Angeles, the tenth edition features strong participants from North America’s King’s cup and Southeast Asia’s King’s Cup.

Expect fierce, yet, hilarious players commentating from their couches try to win it all.

With Smash Summit 5 raising over $275,000- creating the biggest prize pool in Smash Melee history, discover why thousands are happy to comfortably watch this tremendous event every single time.

Goes from 12.12.2018 – 12.16.2018. Prize fund TBA. Click to know more.

ESL Pro League Season 8
ESL Pro League Season 8

With top brands like Intel, MSI and others sponsoring, join thousands and watch Europe’s, North America’s, Asia-Pacific’s, and South America’s fiercest titans power-up and try and dominate each other to win a glorious spot for the splendid finals held in Odense, Denmark.

Plus, discover which of these valiant teams will seize and split the mind-blowing $750,000, in reward money, after they fearlessly unleash CS:GO hell on 12.04.2018 – 12.09.2018.

Click here to learn more now.

eSports Championship Series Season 6

With $660,000 in prize money on the line and YouTube sponsoring join thousands and experience some of EU’s and NA’s top teams clash it out for ECS’s top reward.

Watch 8 colossal giants unleash complete CS:GO hell for two-straight days at the custom-built Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Discover who has the mastery and brain power to conquer the jaw-dropping $250,000 first-place reward money, from 11.22.2018 – 11.25.2018. Click here to know more now.

Overwatch World Cup 2018
Overwatch World Cup 2018

Join thousands, at BlizzCon 2018, as they visit the Anaheim Convention Center to discover which of these fierce teams- South Korea, Finland, United States, Canada, China, Australia, France, and the United Kingdom, will power-up and command their way to first place, in Anaheim, Southern California.

With $128,000 in prize-pool money, each colossal team will win $16,000 in reward money, at this excellent tournament, taking place from 11.02.2018 – 11.03.2018.

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