Esports CS:GO Tournaments: How Much Do You Know?

The CSGO franchise has been popular in the gaming reality since its early beginnings and all that potential arrived at the point where you have esports CS:GO Tournaments where people compete for real money! To make things even better, there is a huge esports betting community that is specialized in watching the live streams while placing the bets on their favorite teams! All that, because of a huge CSGO tournament prize! In this article, we talk about the upcoming CSGO tournaments, some earlier events as well as about the basic betting things you should know before you dive into the esports. We assume you are familiar with the term esports and CSGO so we will not describe its beginnings, the revenue or the potential that it has.

The Most Popular CSGO tournaments UK 

One of the biggest CSGO tournaments UK was hosted by and ICE from February 4th to February 6th in London! The event took place in the ICE London conference and brought more than 35,000 CS experts who wanted to compete against other teams but also to place a few bets on the games. The best part was that there was no fee for entrance, as it was a public event. This was $250,000 prize pool competition that was one of the CSGO biggest tournaments that took place in the UK!

The FaceIT was another of the CSGO tournaments in London that gained a lot of attention. It was the 13th Major Championship CSGO and the second Major event of the esports CSGO league in 2018. The first part, the playoffs, was held in SSE Arena, Wembley. The map pool consisted of 7 maps, while the final pool prize was worth $1,000,000. The first place went to Astralis, the team from Denmark, who were marked as “returning winners”. It was one of the best CSGO LAN tournaments UK community had.

The short list of CSGO tournaments from the past 

The last CSGO tournament from 2019 was in Berlin in Germany, where the Astralis team from Denmark, for the third time in a row, scored another win! The whole tournament lasted from August 23d to September 8th, where 24 teams fought for the pool prize of $1,000,000! The team Astralis had won their fourth Major title on the tournament that took place in Mercedes Benz Arena. It was written in list of CSGO tournaments once forever as the best tournament!

One of the biggest ESL arenas in Europe, Katowice MCK in Poland hosted CSGO professionals from February 13th to March 3d, making this event one of the longest ones. This event was also the beginning of the second part of Intel Grand Slam, were Ninjas in Pyjamas, MIBR, Astralis, Team Liquid and others came to prove their skills. Again, Astralis team from Denmark was best and took $1,000,000 prize. One of the things that would make this event memorable was the statistics that showed that players used AUG more than M4A4 weapon.

CSGO tournament calendar – The upcoming tournaments

When we take a look at the CSGO tournament calendar of upcoming events, we are happy to announce some of the biggest challenges that players will have. Though you may not qualify for the tournament as you are not from that particular region that the tournament is hosted for, we recommend you explore the CSGO biggest tournaments schedule at the official website.

Europe Minor Open QualifierMinorFebruary 12th – February 13th
WESG 2019 Brazil FinalsMinorFebruary 14th$4,7375
CIS Minor Closed QualifierMinorMarch 5th – March 6th
ESL One Rio 2020MinorMay 16th – May 24th$1,000,000

The basic draft of CS GO tournaments

If you are wondering how CS GO tournaments work, we will explain the basic principles in this paragraph. Still, if you are planning to enroll in one of them, we strongly recommend you reading the detailed guide and info on the particular event before it takes place. First of all, you have Majors Championships that Vavle, the game’s main development company, hosts, every year in different cities/countries. The competition consists of six teams that are directly qualified for the Championship, six teams that had good results on the previous Major and four teams that passed the knockout phase and got to the Major. Each Major has $1,000,000 CSGO tournament prize, rendering the Majors as the most important competitions in the CSGO league.

The first eight teams from the Major earn access to the next Major Championship and these teams are designated as “legends”. Besides Majors, you have “Minors”. The Minors were originally tournaments in Asia, CIS, Europe and Americas, and thus, the Minors were called the winners of these four regions (two best from each region). So, when you look at the hierarchy, the Minors are smaller competitions, where the particular region comes up with the best players who will compete on the next Major Championship.

Types of CS GO tournament bets

One of the CSGO biggest tournament events, after CSGO came out, introduced the betting chance, where spectators could watch live streams and place bets. To be successful in these bets, you have to understand the odds first, as the negative odds next to the name of a team means that the team is likely to win the match, which is little money to win in case of a successful bet. On the other hand, positive odds means the contrary. The positive odds mean that the team is the underdog and it is not likely they would win. However, the odds may be high but if you guess right, you will win a huge bet.

Map winner

You can choose a certain map as the map that would be the next one for playing. In case you guess right, you will win money based on the odds as well as your investment. Of course, the competing teams will vote for the map they want and if you study the teams’ statistics, you might win this bet.

Event winner

The gamblers can place bets on the team they think will win the tournament. Before placing this bet, make sure to read the general policy to introduce yourself to the specifics of this bet.

Spread Bets

Spread bets mark the number that you think a certain team would not reach when it comes to wins or losses. It is like a handicap type of bet in sports betting. However, do not confuse it with the money line. The money line relates to a winner on multiple maps, while spread covers the single map.

How to place bets in CSGO tournaments successfully?

To be successful in CSGO esports betting, you MUST follow HLTV to know the latest stats and information about the professional competing. Whenever you plan to make a bet on the single map, make sure that you check whether the teams suggested it. Also, do not forget the recent performances. The underdogs may beat a much better team as the favorite team had internal communication problems. In the end, follow to get a grasp on the whole thing and understand better who they play, who is better and has a tendency to become better!