Here Is What You Need To Know About Dota 2 tournaments

As Dota 2 tournaments in UK taking more attention every day, it would not be okay not to share some of the crucial information that you should know about these tournaments that generate huge revenue each year. We would like to use this opportunity to give you some insight into the whole matter, as well as give you some advice that would increase your chances of winning. We will also say a few things about the upcoming tournaments. Assuming you are new into esports betting, we will break down some of the basic things to help you understand how to place bets properly. Stay tuned and maximize your profit in Dota 2 tournaments with the tips we will share in this article!

The two previous Esports Dota 2 tournaments  

While there are a lot of upcoming Dota 2 tournaments, we would also love to mention a few of them that took place in the past and gained a lot of attention. One of the best and biggest esports Dota 2 tournaments was Major Championships 2015-2016 that consisted of 4 tournaments. These were Autumn, Winter, Spring and The Summer/International majors, where each of them was held in a different city. The major event, which received the sponsorship from Valve, took place in September 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany and it had the $3,000,000 pool prize!

The following year, instead of 4 parts of the Championship, there was 3 Championships fir the season 2017/2018, where the first two used the system of elimination to set apart the best teams. The first season took place in Boston, keeping the Eagleson trophy that was part of the awards in Frankfurt. The second Championship was held in Kyiv (instead of Shanghai), while the final and the biggest Summer/International was held in Seattle.

Dota 2 tournaments schedule for 2020

You can find below Dota 2 tournaments schedule. You can find some of the biggest and most important upcoming Dota 2 tournaments 2020. We have not included all of these events, so we highly recommend you check the full list for more information.

StarLadder Imba TV Dota 2 Minor Season 3 SEA QualifierMINOR12.02.2020.
WESG 2019 Russia – Closed QualifierWESG14.02.2020.Winner qualifies for WESG 2019 Russia Finals
StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 3MINOR04.03.2020.$300,000
ESL One Los Angeles Major 2020MAJOR13.03.2020.$1,000,000
Epicenter Moscow Major 2020MAJOR17.04.2020.$23,000

How to bet in Dota 2 tournaments? 

Dota 2 tournament bets are available in several formats and the very first thing you need to understand are the odds. The one odd you will see often is 2.00, which is basically telling you that you are winning the twice amount you place as your wager. Let’s say you place 5 pounds on odd 2.00 – in case your bet is successful, you will win 10 GPB (2.00 x 5=10.00). This is a very popular type of bet that you will see all the time. So how to bet in Dota 2 tournaments properly and what do you need to know?

The combo betting, often present in Dota 2 game tournaments, means that you can place several bets that you must win to be able to get your winnings. An example would be predicting that Team A will win, but also that Team C wins in some other match. To cash out your winnings must be successful, meaning that all conditions have to be met. Though harder to catch, this bet produces better profit. Now, you can combine several of these and participate in LIVE BETTING, which is basically the same as you are betting usually, however, you place bets on the live events that are already in progress.

The most common types of bets in Dota 2 tournaments

Moneyline is related to placing a bet on one of the two teams that are playing against each other, which means you place a bet on either team A or team B. The next one is Map Betting, which is a good choice when you are not sure about the final outcome of the match. In this case, you bet on a win on the single map. Over and Under betting related to predicting whether the final result would be over a certain number or under it. If you place a bet under 3, it means that the final result can be anywhere from 1 to 2.5, while any result that is 3 or over means you lost your bet.

The Total Team Kills 35 means that you predict that the overall number of kills for both teams would be 35 and in case you do not guess the right number, you lose. First 10 Kills means that you bet on the team that would have the first 10 kills. Roshan Kills tells you to think that the first team would kill first or second Roshan. First Blood is the bet where you guess which of the team would kill first someone from the other team, The similar bet is Destroy Barrack/Tower where you basically bet on the team that would destroy the barrack on the given map first.

How the Dota 2 tournaments are organized? 

The Dota 2 tournaments are usually split into two parts: qualifiers and the main event. The qualifiers are the part of the main event where the teams compete among each other to earn their spot in the tournament, while the main event consists of knock-out games and the elimination phase. The goal of the main event is to win all games so the team could get to the finals where they compete for the first place.

The additional separation of Dota 2 tournament calendar is on Premier, Minor and Major tournaments. The Premiers are huge competitions, where the prize pool is enormous and the final match is played in LAN and the match is always broadcasted live on the TV. The Minors consist of the regional teams that compete for the significantly smaller pool prize, while the Majors tournaments get the sponsorships from Valve, as well as good prize pool and other awards.

The biggest tournament, speaking of the number of teams, is the International one and it is basically an annual competition with the pool prize of more than 30 million GBPs. Now, you may ask how the prize pool is so huge. Well, the organization always offers the selling of merchandise, bundles, treasure chests and compendiums. All the items that are sold are going to the prize pool, thus making it big.

Dota 2 esports betting in a nutshell 

As we said, the esports industry is a highly valuable and respected realm that can only grow bigger in the upcoming times. Considering the recent Dota 2 tournaments, we can only say that we are expecting this eSports trend to grow even more throughout the world! There are already some of the organizations that fight for making this form of sport legit for the Olympics, but we have to wait a bit more to see what is going to happen with it.

Dota 2 is one of those games that will always stay popular due to its user-friendly interface, design and fast pace of the game, as well as the rich-story that is behind this brand. Knowing this, you can be sure that betting on this game could get more profit to people who watch these games and enjoy the everlasting matches. We strongly encourage you to explore the world of esports and start betting on Dota 2 esports matches!