Prepare Yourself For The Overwatch Tournaments

Overwatch Tournaments make a huge part of the esports betting world as this game is one of the most popular for playing, watching, streaming and betting! The OWL (Overwatch League) kicked off on December 6th in 2017 when Blizzard Entertainment decided to launch the competition. At the moment, this league consists of 12 teams that are playing regularly and meet each other through the playoffs, group/knock out and final stage. As more people want to place wagers on the matches, Overwatch tournament prize money was raised and the average prize pool for the Major competition is around $1,500,000! Therefore, we have decided to share with you some of the useful information about the past competitions, the upcoming tournaments, as well as the betting basics that can help you to make a profit while watching the live streams of the competitions.

The popular Overwatch esports tournaments

After launching the game in 2015, the very next year in September 2016, the city of Atlanta was the home court for the Overwatch Open tournament where Misfits (the international mixed team that consisted of 3 Swedish and 3 French players) won $300,000 as the prize for the first place.

One of the first biggest tournaments with the Overwatch tournament prize pool of $1,700,000 was Season 1 Playoffs in New York, where London Spitfire (South Korean team) crew finished in the first place! This was a huge tournament that lasted from July 11th to July 27th. The team of London Spitfire won $1,000,000 prize and split this amount among 7 players equally!

Overwatch esports tournaments have their places all around the world and one of the biggest ones was Overwatch League Season 2 Playoffs in August 2019 that lasted for a month and it took place in Philadelphia, USA, with the prize pool of $3,500,000! The first team was San Francisco Shock that took $1,100,000 for the first place! This tournament takes place every year and we are waiting for the August 2020 to see the new fights and new players!

What about Overwatch tournaments UK?

Overwatch tournaments UK do attract a lot of people who love video games, especially this genre of games and one of the biggest upcoming events in the UK is the British Esports Championships 2019/20 Grand Finals, where Overwatch competition takes place from April 10th! The finals will host the winners of the winter Championship and winners of the spring Championship!

In March, the winners of Season 1 Playoffs, London Spitfire, will play matches against Paris Eternal and Toronto Defiant teams. The first match against Paris Eternal starts on March 28th, while the second match starts the day after. Both matches will be at SSE Arena, Wembley. London Spitfire will also play two matches in July, as well as another 24 matches throughout the year, apart from the Major/Championship competitions.

A brief Overwatch tournament schedule

In this section, we will present some of the upcoming matches. This Overwatch tournament schedule will not show all of the upcoming matches/competitions, so if you want the more detailed look, you should visit some of the official Overwatch esports betting websites.

Oversalt Competitive Brons To Top 500MinorFebruary 22ndRandom Steam Keys
MGA Community Overwatch Series #2MinorMarch 14th$ 700 (1st -$400, 2nd – $180, 3rd – $120)
Contenders 2020 Season 1: EuropeMinorMarch$ 170,000
Overwatch League 2020PremierFebruary$5,000,000

What do you need to know about Esports betting in Overwatch?

Before you start, you should understand the basics of this game. Devote some time to learning the gameplay, the basic principles of playing, as well as the classes and modes in this game. Also, get familiar with some related terms like boop, carry or dive comp so you could understand the slang of this game. Though it is not crucial for being successful, it can significantly help you to understand the whole game and features. Once you master that, you can start with the practice of placing the wagers.

What are the odds and how to understand them?

If you have ever placed a bet on any esports match, you are probably familiar with the odds. In case you have not, here is a quick explanation. If you have Team A and Team B competing and if you see Team A -200 and Team B +170, this means that Team A is marked as the favorite and it is likely they will win. The team B, on the other hand, is marked as the underdog team and it is less likely they will win. The understanding of these odds is crucial for making successful bets and this is the very first thing you need to understand before start making real money wagers.

The types of bets in Overwatch

Overwatch, whether it is Xbox Overwatch tournament or PC tournament, always have the standard betting options that you can choose and it is rarely seen that you have other options. We will list them below for easier classification and understanding. Note that some of these may have slightly different names.

Match winner

The matchwinner is a classic and the standard option. If you choose this wager, you are predicting which team would win the match. So it is either Team A or Team B wins, making this option very easy to understand. In some cases, you may see the term “moneyline”, which is a different name for match winner bet.


Though not always available in esports betting books, a handicap is another classic term and it originates from sports betting as well. It means that you are predicting which team with the advantage or disadvantage would in the match. The handicap is usually presented in the form of rounds, so you could say that Team A wins with 2.5 handicaps (at least 3 rounds more than Team B) over the other team.

Outright winner

The outright winner is not always present in the esports betting offer as it is related only to the tournaments. When you predict that Team A would win the entire tournament, you would use the outright winner bet. It usually has high odds, especially when you pick the underdogs to be your final decision for winning the tournament.

How to be successful in Overwatch tournaments esports betting?

To be good at betting in Overwatch, you have to invest time, effort and patience so you could understand the gameplay, maps, characters, the teams’ strategies, and their week spots. For a start, especially if you do not have any experience in esports betting, we highly recommend you to place a “ghost” bet so you could practice a bit. The ghost bets are nothing but the pure prediction of the outcomes of each match. You do not invest any real money, but rather guess the final outcome in any of Overwatch esports league matches. This helps you understand the odds and their meaning, the team’s strategy as well as the overall tactics that teams use frequently, which in return gives you a better prediction and better chances of winning the wagers.

Before you even start with ghost bets, you should get familiar with the basics of the game. As this is a mix of MOBA and FPS games, the first thing is to learn the game modes: assault, control, escort, which will help you in the game analysis before placing any wager. Each player can select one out of 20+ characters. Each character has its unique playstyles, abilities and preferences and all characters are generally split into three categories: offense, defense, tank and support. A thorough study of each class, research of the upcoming Overwatch tournaments, as well as the analysis of the teams, will help you to understand how each team works, which allows you to place successful bets that will bring you profit.