UK eSports 2019 Preview

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ESports industry keeps growing by leaps and bounds, and in 2019, we can expect things to get even more feverish. With video games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Starcraft and Fortnite having gained momentum in the last twelve months, there is no doubt that game developers are preparing big surprises for upcoming tournaments. Watchers of League of Legends and players of various cyber sports are also looking forward to a beehive of activities in the coming months. With it, therefore come many questions such as the following:

  • What else can we expect in the UK eSports arena?
  • Will there be an increase in the number of Starcraft 2 betting sites in the UK to give punters more money-making options?
  • Are we going to see new gaming organization join the craze?
  • Is the government taking notice of cyber sports?
  • Can we expect bigger money rewards than what we have previously seen during events?

Well, excitement is already in the air, and here is what to expect in the UK eSports arena in 2019:

Esports is gaining traction in government circles

The UK government has now set up a committee in the department of sports, media, and culture to review cyber sports. It is big news coming hot on the heels of a meeting held last year by Ukie (the country’s cyber sports organization) and attended by members of various parliamentary groups. With this, there is no doubt video-computer gaming is set to get a facelift in the United Kingdom.

Esports Premier League (ePL) set to kick off

Things are already in top gear for the first eSports premier league in UK kick-off. Participants are the country’s main football league teams, and it is big news everywhere.

League of Legends (LoL) set for a brand new tournament in the UK

The fact that LoL is the world’s most popular eSports should get you excited already about a new tournament set to start in England. And given that Riot Games already announced a partnership deal with LVP to build a new studio, not to mention that nine teams will be taking part, we can all look forward to high-pitched entertainment from video gaming teams.

Big investments in Cyber Sports

After Tej Kohli, a London based Billion invested a whooping 50 million Euros toward the growth of Video gaming in 2018, and even going ahead to pump more money in Team Vitality, more investors have expressed interest in the industry. For example, Excel eSports partnership with Guinevere Capital and Diabolus Esports mean well for the fast-expanding sporting arena.

League of Legends grand finale to take place in Europe

The year 2019 is set to take goodies right to the doorsteps of European cyber sports enthusiasts. While this year’s LoL grand finale will be staged in Paris, France, it is only a swim across the channel for UK residents.

England based Excel Esports to take part in revamped LoL

The League of Legends European is set to start on January 18th, and with one of England’s top sporting organization (Excel Exports) taking part, it means fans will have one of their own to support hoping they win the tournament.

ESL One Birmingham in May 2019

On May 31st    running all the way to 2nd June, ESL returns to the United Kingdom’s Birmingham Arena, and it will feature 12 world’s best teams in Dota 2 teams. Teams will battle it out for prize money of $300, 000, and with this, you can only expect exponential growth of the country’s eSports sector.