Venezuela’s Esports Industry Blooms In The Midst Of A Crisis

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Once among the richest nations of the world, Venezuela has been a symbol for prosperity and resource reserves (due to a huge amount of oil), baseball players and pageant queens, Venezuela’s current situation is very disappointing. The global economic, as well as social, crisis plunged down this country’s any chance for growth and prosperity. Still, some of them are playing video games, and some of them even use esports betting sites PayPal to support their colleague’s activity. Esports is not as available as in some other countries, but the enthusiasm is not stronger anywhere else.

Citizens have no food, medicine or money as the inflation transforms salaries into a change that you can use to buy few things and live the rest of the month without money. This forces a lot of citizens to flee from their country as they don’t have, besides the fact that they don’t have enough money, the entertainment options like theatre or music halls. However, the one thing seems to be growing at the moment, and that is esports.

A bit Different Reality

The public education system in this country does not offer much when it comes to side activities and entertainment, not to mention esports promotion. The poor quality of the education system, affected by the global crisis, cannot provide sports competitions between schools and that is not going to change in the near future. Although there are private sports programs that offer youth, these are usually not available to youth as they are too expensive and only luxury families can afford that. For that reason, the youth of Venezuela has been turning their attention to video games.

What is interesting is that video games and esports are not limited to just one group (of rich kids) of youth or considered to be a nerdy activity like it is considered in the major of Western countries. Throughout the country, you can see a regular cafe bar that is stacked with kids that are dressed in two kinds of uniforms, who play CS:GO and LoL. These café bars are the favorite places for the majority of youth once the school classes are done.

It is Good as the Kids Stay off the Streets

Jose Delgado, a local owner of the abovementioned café bars, noted that he liked the idea as the kids would stay out of the street and gang society that devours this country, besides its financial and social problems. Although he stated that his café is in the rough neighborhood, no one ever did anything wrong to them. He strongly suggested that they needed to stay open during this crisis, as the kids would not have a safe place to go. Besides all these problems, Venezuela also has the worst internet speed in the South American continent – 1.6 Mbps and that blackouts every now and then.

Despite all the Problems – they Managed to Gather and Play Like Pros

Although not recognized and established well as it is the case with Mexico or Brazil, the boys under the name of Capibara E-sports managed to organize the team and compete in LoL on a regular basis. They are regarded as one of the best organizations in the country, with two LoL rosters that are committed to their teamwork. They say that the biggest motivation is a passion for a game, instead of money. The start was a real struggle to them, as they had to move from Cefiro to Capibara. They do compete whenever they can, which is mostly conditioned by the money they have to pay to chip in.

How good they are can be understood considering the fact that some of them sold their accounts (as they have more of them) as they had no job nor money, but needed to pay for their college. The majority of these players are playing and selling the items and accounts just to support their school and life with money.